The Comparison of SMOK Morph Pod-80 & Morph S Pod-80 Kit Review

If you are a fan of smok, you should know that it has released two new “Morph” series of vape devices, the Smok Morph pod 80 and the Smok Morph pod 80S. “Smok is not stupid enough to make two identical products that are exactly the same.For more information on their differences, just read on.

smok morph pod-80 in stock


• 3000mAh Integrated Battery For Morph Pod-80
• Single 18650 Battery For Morph S Pod-80
• Up to 80W output power
• 4.1V Voltage Output
• 1.5A Charging Current
• 2 Hours Charging
• Capacity Of 5ml Vape Juice Capacity
• Satisfy MTL, RDL, And DL Vaping Needs
• Strong Magnets
• 0.001s To Heat Up
• Paired With An LP2 Pod
• Compatible With All LP2 Coils
• Toggle-style Air Switch
• Dual Air Inlets

First, let’s look at the power supply.The Morph Pod 80 houses a 3000mAh built-in battery, however, the Morph Pod Kit 80S, which has a replaceable 18650 battery, is not included.Charging rates vary; Both kits have A USB Type C port, and the built-in battery version has A charge rate of 1.4A, compared to 1.5A for the 18650.The output is listed as 5-80W, which I guess just refers to the variable watt-setting – there is no mention of other user modes.

The vape body also accommodates airflow regulation and a full-length fire bar.Look at the current pod, which has a top fill port and a huge 5ml capacity in standard format. With a 5ml e-cigarette juice capacity and regulated air through dual air inlets via an on-off air switch, this versatile LP2 POD achieves the ideal e-cigarette style with the most mellow flavors for MTL, RDL and DL vaping on demand.

These pods are adapted to strong magnets and provide a superior feature to avoid damage from collisions. For all LP2 series coils, there are three silicone rings inside the coils for a leakproof seat inside the stem to effectively prevent fluid leakage.On the OLED screen, for better viewing, it shows precise dates, its big fire control and on/off buttons, and you can feel the high quality performance and comfort at your fingertips. The equipment takes almost 0.001 seconds to warm up. However, these fine-grained features are crammed into such a slick kit that you’ll be instantly excited to use it once you get the chance.

When you know more details about them,you must want to have them in the first place!Please go to vape store near me to buy.

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