Can Lost Vape Ursa Cap Kit Really Satisfy Your Style and Vaping Desire?

The lost vape ursa cap kit is a portable and slender device that has adopted a similar appearance to that of lipstick for your everyday use. Further enhanced by a cap covered with dust, this kit is also added to its stylish chain to make your style fashionable and elegant.

lost vape ursa cap pod kit review

It houses a 1000mAh battery, reaching up to 25W, for very long-lasting use. With a Type-C charging port, your device would be charged instantly. The lost vape ursa cap kit features a convenient right-side indicator to keep you informed of the battery’s status.

The set, powered by a single external 18650 battery, consists of a Ursa Pod Cartridge offering a capacity of 2 ml juice. The Ursa Cartridge V2 has a bigger capacity of 2.5 ml juice and retains a smoother and richer flavor. At your service is an adjustable airflow system.

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