The New Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank Review 4ml/5ml

Today,I’ll be covering the Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank 4ml/5ml to you.Not only affordable, but also can give you a different smoking experience, is very worth buying.Now, let’s see what it’s good for?

Launcher Mini tank price


• Top Loading Coil System
• Remove Coils Even With Full Tank
• Decrease The potential Of Liquid Leak-proof
• T3-01 And T3-02 coil
• Increase The Heating Speed And Performance
• MTL Experience
• Knurled Grip
• Adjustable Airflow

• 510 Thread

Hellvape Launcher Mini Tank uses a unique top-loading coil system for greater hygiene and less possibility of leaks.Rotate the dropper base, place the coil directly into the tank from the top of the tank, and tighten the dropper base clockwise.Instead of replacing the coils through the bottom, these dreaded steps even remove the coils when the tank is full not only considerably reduces the potential for liquid leakage, but also increases the contact area of the T3-01 and T3-02 coils, on the other hand, it effectively increases the heating speed and performance.It can be compatibale with Hellvape Launcher Mesh Coil, 0.15ohm coiland 0.21ohm coil that provide you different resistence values to meet personal hobby.

For the MTL experience, Mini Tank 3.0ml capacity, additional 5ml bulb glass tube, more impressive taste. It will be widely praised for knurling grip, action to remove top caps and add ease. The airflow can be adjusted according to the preferences of the steam, helping to accurately control the airflow of pure steam.

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