Is The Performance Of R And M Sunax Satisfactory?

There are more and more r and m electronic cigarettes that are popular in the market, including the current r and m tornado 9000 and r and m tornado 10000. It is not difficult to see that they all provide a large number of puffs. E-cigarettes that have been used for a long time must be more attractive, and another distinctive feature of R And M is the personalized packaging design, which is indeed a great boon for those vapers who pursue fashion and uniqueness. What I introduced today is also a large puff of disposable pod, r and m sunax, which is distinguished from other products as disposable vapes that can replace the pod.

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You can enjoy a maximum of 21,000 puffs, thanks to the 3 replaceable pods provided, that is, 1 pod can have a maximum of 700 puffs, which I think is very friendly to coils. Because some large puffs use the same coil for a long time, it is inevitable that the taste will not be as delicious as it was at the beginning. Frequent replacement of pods can provide a relatively consistent flavour.

Powered by an 850mAh integrated battery, sunax r and m vape can basically guarantee your normal use, and the type-c charging interface at the bottom can always ensure that you use the last drop of e-liquid. The e-liquid is pre-filled with 14ml, and its nicotine content is also arbitrarily selected between 0/2/3/5%.

The refreshing cool mint, the sweet strawberry donut, and the carbonated cola are all worth your try. More flavours are waiting for you to explore. I believe that the taste will also make you feel happy.

We look forward to your learning more about vape online uk, whether it is new e-cigarettes or classic products.

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