Could Dovpo DnP Pod Tank Be Your Best Atomizer?

The dovpo dnp pod tank is a very elegant device, with a regular capacity of 5.5ml, and the liquid is filled through the bottom. There are air inlets on both sides so it can bring in fresh air very well, and also produce thicker and more delicious steam. For such a large capacity, you can basically enjoy smoking for about 2 days, making the pleasant moment longer.

The bottom is the link between 510 and the mod. It is mentioned that the mod, dovpo dnp pod tank and dovpo mvp mod are perfectly compatible. The mod part mainly uses a 0.96″ TFT screen, and you can easily view the data. Built-in dual 18650 batteries, the highest power can reach 220W. The PC and zinc alloy material make it more durable. The output provides a variable power range of 5-220W. Besides the first time, it also provides variable voltage and temperature control.

dovpo dnp pod tank cheap

The most important thing is the coil part. Without the cooperation of the coil, good taste cannot be produced. Dovpo DnP Pod Tank is compatible with 0.15ohm DnP DM-1 and 0.3ohm DnP DM-3 coils, which can effectively and comprehensively volatilize e-liquid and bring you a greater amount of smoke.

Dovpo MVP Kit is composed of dovpo mvp mod and dovpo dnp mod, both of which are indispensable. As a vape mod kit with a large output, its performance is remarkable, and perhaps only by experiencing it can you appreciate its beauty.

In best vapes 2022, we have listed more high-quality e-cigarettes for you, and look forward to your further attention.

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