Where To Buy Nerd Pod 3500?

Today I would like to start with nerd pod 3500, a device that can be recharged. Generally, a large number of disposable cigarettes need to meet this condition to maintain a longer smoking time and service life. What I bring to you today is a disposable cigarette that provides 3,500 puffs. For most vapers, there is basically no problem in using it for about ten days.

The device adopts a light and compact design, and the mouthpiece part adopts an ergonomic design, so you will feel very smooth when inhaling. As a cheap disposable vape that meets the TPD standard, it provides you with 8ml of pre-filled e-liquid. And the nerd pod 3500 can replace the pod, which most disposable cigarettes cannot do. The biggest benefit for users is the ability to try different flavours and ensure a consistent taste experience.

nerd pod 3500 vape review

The 850mAh battery is compatible with the pod kit, so it can be used for a day without any problems, and the stable output will also make you feel more comfortable during vaping. As a very beginner-friendly device, the nerd pod features inhalation activation, and its operation is not as complicated as conventional electronic cigarettes.

In terms of taste, the nerd pod cartridge also brings you 24 kinds, which are integrated into the taste of drinks, fruits, and ice, which is very pleasant.

The 0mg nicotine content is also very friendly to users who have just started to experience e-cigarettes. They can experience the fun of vaping without having too much aversion to the taste.

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