Which Aspects of Elux Pro 600 Appeal to You?

The elux legend and bar ranges have always been popular in the market, not only because of their practicality but also because of the vaping experience and the taste of the products themselves. This time the hot sale elux pro 600 continues to be compact, convenient and, of course, with a wide range of flavours.

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How does Elux Pro 600 perform as a whole?
This is a TPD-compliant product that offers 2ml of pre-filled vape juice as well as 20mg with a maximum puff count of 600.

In fact, the biggest benefit of a small puff-size disposable vape like this one not only reduces addiction but is also less harmful to the body than a regular e-cigarette.

If you are in the process of quitting smoking, then this could be the perfect choice for you. Satisfy your cravings to some extent as well. The 550mAh pre-charged battery is able to provide a relatively stable output to disposables.

What are the distinctive features of the flavour?
Blueberry Jam is actually a berry blend, on the inhale a strong blueberry flavour will hit your nose and you will feel that it is very fresh and fruity, this flavour will last for a long time.

Sour Apple Ice comes with a distinctly sweet and tart taste of green apples, which is fresh, not too sweet, and silky smooth.

Pink Lemonade is a blend of tropical fruit flavours and the heady sensation of lemonade. Leaving you with a feeling that you can’t get enough.

• Compact And Delicate
• Up To 600 Puffs
• Pre-filled 2ml E-liquid
• 550mAh Pre-charged Battery
• Mixed Fruit, Candy, Ice, Menthol Flavor
• For MTL Vape
• 20mg Nicotine Strength

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