How Long Does Innokin Ifrit Flow Disposable Last?

The innokin ifrit flow disposable is a new disposable pod from Innokin, which is very distinctive. With a more delicate and petite body design. And the crystal-clear exterior also makes the installation itself shine.

Although the iFrit Bar S Disposable of the same series seems to have a larger power output than it, the innokin ifrit flow is actually a device with a built-in battery of 450mAh and offers up to 600 puffs.

cheap innokin ifrit flow disposable

Obviously stronger and more durable than 400 puffs and 260mAh internal battery. Who doesn’t like cheap disposable vape with strong output and easy to carry?

I’m sure you’ll also question if IFRIT FLOW Disposable would create a problem with the texture.

Referring to flavour, you are provided with 12 flavours, a fusion of mixed fruit, ice, mint, beverage and tobacco. The variety is still relatively rich.

Green Tangerine is a citrus blend that combines a delicious and sweet fragrance upon inhalation, followed by a burst of sourness during the aftertaste.

Rose Lychee is a combination of juicy tropical fruit and floral notes, rich and exotic.

Strawberry Watermelon is a fruity blend with a summery, fruity drink-like taste that is vibrant and bold.

Vanilla Tobacco comes with a strong and deep earthy smell since you vape and a hint of sweetness on the last aftertaste.

For disposable cigarette users, there are more and more choices in taste, and freshness is also a very important factor. The several flavours listed for you today can be said to be unique and full of personality.

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