How Many Puffs Are In A Elux Max Box Disposable Vape?

Today I would like to suggest you the elux max box disposable vape, which is a device powered by a 650mAh battery, which can have a relatively stable and long-lasting use time. As a high-quality disposable vape, you will get not only excellent flavour but also convenient use.

elux max box disposable vape cheap

Max box vape is pre-filled with e-liquid and has a nicotine content of 20mg, allowing you to fully experience the real feeling of vaping. This cheap disposable vape has a built-in mesh coil for smooth MTL vaping.

Adjustable airflow allows you to inhale more precisely and comfortably. Berry Lemonade is a flavour that incorporates delicious berries and fragrant lemonade.

It is a very fresh and unique taste, which can make you sober instantly. Blackcurrant Menthol is a cool menthol taste mixed with a sweet black currant taste, a unique fruit taste, that invades your mouth, and the coolness will leave you with an endless aftertaste.

Cola Lime incorporates energetic cola and a touch of lime flavour, combined with the refreshing feeling of crushed ice, you can feel the pleasurable process of vaping.

Vimto is a popular drink blend that captures crisp apples, delicious black currants and juicy grapes for a rich and unique taste.

Elux Max Box adopts a relatively compact and simple design concept as a whole, so it will not bring too much burden during your use. The pumping times of 4500 puffs can keep you from needing to replace the device for some time.

Of course, if you want to use it for a longer time, it may not be a good choice to keep a few more by your side. We at the best online vape store expect you to have more different harvests.

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