Geekvape G18 Starter Vape Pen Kit -The Best Choice For Beginners

If you are a vape beginner and looking for a suitable MTL products,Geek vape G18 Starter Vape Pen Kit can not be better!

Geek vape for deal

Battery Capacity:1300mAh
Atomizing Core Resistance:1.2ohm/1.8ohm
Charging Voltage:5V±5%
Recharging Current:700mA±50mA
Charging Port:Type-C
Stand-by Current:Quiescent Current≤15uA
Operating Temperature:0~45℃
Oil injection Method:Repeatable oil injection
Colors:SS, Black, Aqua, Royal Blue, Malachite, Scarlet, Rainbow, Wood

Geekvape price G18 is a pen-style kit with 3 levels of adjustable power.It has an internal 1300mAh battery and supports the Type-C for fast charging.

Geek vape G18 pen kit has a transparent pod that you can clearly see the left e-liquid in it.You can safely put him in your pocket in the case of doing a leak-proof design. G18 is fashionable and has durable Appearance,the grip feel is smooth and comfortable.

There’s no doubt that the G18 starter pen is very easy to use.Although the device doesn’t have a screen, we can switch between three output wattages by pressing the ignition button three times.

The G18 Starter Pen costs a lot less than Geekvape’s previously released kits, at least half as much.Don’t hesitate anymore, hurry to click to buy!

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