What About The Cheap Innokin Ifrit Bar S Disposable?

As a newly launched product, the Innokin Ifrit Bar S Disposable attracts your attention with its stylish design and excellent taste. Are you full of curiosity? Please come with me to get more surprises.

Innokin Ifrit Bar S Disposable UK Sale

In terms of taste, the Ifrit Bar S combines more than 20 flavors, including fruit, ice, berry, and cream. Fresh and elegant, but also makes you memorable. I believe there is always one that suits you.

This disposable kit has already filled 1.6ml of e-liquid, and you do not need to refill it. The 1.6 ml capacity can also allow you to have up to 400 puffs, which can be thrown away after finishing vaping.

The shell has a curved design, and the IFRIT BAR S character is printed on the device, which is unique and stylish.

Do you feel that the nicotine concentration is too low to give you a sense of addiction? Then this Innokin Disposable with 20mg nicotine concentration you will absolutely love.

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