The Best Vaporizer:Yocan STIX 2.0 Vape Pen Kit Guide

If you need something innovative and challenging, the Yocan STIX 2.0 Vaporizer Kit cheap couldn’t be more suitable.What makes it unique? Let’s examine it.

3 in 1 vaporizer kit price

Simplicity Of Design

Draw-activation firing mechanism and sensor control operation system built in a buttonless pen battery.Outbalances by purity. A screwable ceramic mouthpiece, a ceramic inner chimney, a wickless ceramic coil, and a ceramic wrapped base that comes together.

How To slap

Inbuilt with a sensor control operation system, all functions will start right off the bat with a few slaps.

5 times slap to cycle Advanced Mode and Regular Mode.
3 slaps to switch voltage settings from 3.4V, 3.8V to 4.2V.
2 slaps to actuate the 10 sec preheat function at 1.8V, 2 slaps again to switch off the preheat function.

The tiny looking Stix 2.0 has a 350mAh rechargeable battery that ensures users can vouch all day without any problems. A universal compatible micro USB port at the bottom also guarantees a trouble-free scene.

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