Joyetech eGo AIO Kit —— New Color

As the fans of eGo AIO uk,do you have it in its new color?Colors are rich and stylish.There’s bound to be one you like.Let’s check it out.Joyetech Uk eGo AIO Kit , all-in-one style,with the best leak-proof structure, 2ml E-JUICE capacity.

eGo AIO kit price

EGo AIO features a child protection system: a pressure twist lid on the water tank and a five-click button on the power supply. It is simple and easy to use, yet looks stylish in a few mixed colors, and has a seven-color indicator. Its simplicity and efficiency make this device popular and unique. A new UL certificate version has been obtained. The EGO Aio is the world’s first UL certified steam pen. Hold it and enjoy a safe vaping.Please go to uk online vape shop to find more vapes.

Battery Capacity:1500mAh
Atomizer Capacity:2ml
Color:Crackle A/B/C/D, Dazzling, Camouflage, Wood, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Gunmetal, Chinoiserie

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