Is VYKO Paper Bar Disposable Worth Being Promoted?

VYKO, as a brand built locally in the UK, I want to recommend it today because of its special features. This is a company that pays great attention to environmental protection. And vyko paper bar disposable vape is the latest product. If you are interested, then please don’t miss the following content.

vyko paper bar for sale

What are some thoughtful designs?

Conventional disposable pods are usually made of PCTG, which is safe and durable, but to a certain extent. Definitely causes a certain burden on the environment because of its non-recyclability.

It is not difficult to see from the name of the paper bar, the shell is made of paper material. Of course, you don’t have to worry about burning or damage.

Their paper shells are made by special technology and have been tested in practice. This also greatly reduces the problem of wasting resources, which can be safely recycled and reduce carbon footprint.

How does the function perform?

The vyko paper disposable vape adopts 2ml of pre-filled e-liquid and 20mg of nicotine content, which fully meets the TPD standard. And provides a built-in battery of 450mAh, with no need to recharge.

What’s special about the taste?

10 flavours are also incorporated into the taste of fruit, ice, mint, beverage and pure tobacco. I believe the ideal flavour can be obtained here. Cream Tobacco, Blue Menthol, Mango Passion Ice, etc.

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