How Long Does Pachamama SYNTHETIC Disposable Kit Last?

The Pachamama synthetic disposable e-cigarette is a first class e-cigarette device with the same incredible quality and incredible flavour as its past products, but it now uses a synthetic nicotine formula and is housed in a compact, convenient, well performing disposable e-cigarette device.

Pachamama Disposable Lemon Meringue

Enjoy as many as 3000 puffs per device, which is available in 8 amazingly delicious flavors.Equipped with a large battery and a performance-driven mesh coil that boosts both the flavor and vapor output, you can expect only the best from the Pachamama Synthetic Disposable pod vape.Not only does the device look very attractive, it’s also very small. Despite its small size, it has a capacity of 8mL and contains 5% (50mg) of synthetic nicotine.

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