How Long Does Lost Mary AM600 Last?

The lost mary am600, you may feel very familiar from the name, the elf bar has been listed on the elf bar bm600 before, and it has been well received in the market. And how will the BM600 perform this time?

lost mary am600 disposable uk

First of all, the same point between this disposable vape and bm600 is that it also provides 600 puffs of inhalation and has 2ml of pre-filled e-liquid and 20mg of nicotine content. Provides a built-in battery life of 550mAh.

In addition to the performance characteristics, what people value most is the transmission of taste, whether it can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Lost Mary AM600 combines fruit, ice, menthol, and beverage taste. I would like to introduce you to a few of these flavours.

The first is Mad Blue. You may be confused when you hear the name because you can’t tell what flavour it has. It combines bold blueberry, sour blackcurrant flavour, and sweet and sour taste.

Pink Lemonade combines intense lemon flavour mixed with juicy berry flavours, fresh and sweet.

Red Apple Ice captures a ripe red apple flavour, crisp and juicy, combined with the cooling sensation of menthol, which is uplifting and joyful.

Watermelon Cherry is a mixed fruit flavour infused with juicy summer watermelon flavours and rich, sweet cherry flavours. After vaping, you can still feel a hint of sweetness on the tip of your mouth, which is unforgettable.

Through our buy vape, you will learn more types of e-cigs which are out of your mind.

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