How About Dovpo Clutch X18 Dual 18650 Mechanical Mod?

Dovpo Clutch X18 Mod uk Have you ever used Dovpo Clutch X18 Mod? It’s a Mechanical Mod that fits well with experienced vapers.The shape design is unique, with a wavy shape on one side, which enhances finger fit.What does it look like?Let’s study it together.

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The Dovpo Clutch X18 Mod is parallel to the dual 18650. Made from solid aluminum billets and then finely sandblasted. There are two adjustable brass contacts on the bottom. Behind the wide edges, the walls are silver-plated contact blocks and battery compartments for two external 18650 batteries. Adjust the steel connector to fit the height of the battery and match the 28mm sprayer.The clutch ignition button is also compatible with clutch and clutch upper SQ devices, allowing more customization options.Please go to uk online vape shop to order.

Size:81.5mm x 50.9mm x 25/28mm
Shell material:Aluminum alloy
Battery:Dual 18650 battery in parallel
Working mode:Direct power supply
Support resistance:Unlimited
Protection:Physical protection of the fire button, unique “fuse”
Thread type:Steel 510
Colors:Black, Red, Blue, Green, Gunmetal

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