Do You Know The Rechargeable Vecee Maze Disposable Vape?

Today I want to test a vecee maze disposable vape for you. This is a fascinating device. An exciting maze game design is used on the body to make smoking more interesting.

vecee maze disposable vape review

Maze Vape is compatible with a 10ml pod, the e-liquid has been filled in advance, no need to refill, and the pod and the body part can be separated and connected by magnetic suction. The built-in vertical mesh coil can better volatilize the e-liquid and present a more original and pure taste.

A 50mg nicotine vape is more common for large puffs. You can enjoy 6000 puffs vape, and the long enjoyment time makes the happy time longer. The 500mAh built-in battery can bring a relatively stable output mode. Based on the durability of life, it needs to realize fast charging through the type-c charging interface.

The fusion of ten flavours gives users more freedom to choose, including Blue Fantasy, Strawberry Mang, Apple Gape, Frozen Strawberry, Lemon Lychee, Cherry Pomegranate, Peach Mango Orange, Luscious Melon, Frozen Banana and Mineral Water. Vigorous Drink taste, sweet fruit taste or cold ice cube taste can be found here.

Based on the performance of vecee maze disposable vape, you can try it out, maybe you will discover a new world of vaping. We are also bringing you more colourful and diverse electronic cigarette products in vape shop online uk, and we look forward to your understanding. You can get all the value for money here.

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