Would You Like To Try Kingsong M-max Disposable?

What I want to bring today is kingsong m-max disposable, the 18ml e-liquid capacity has been filled for you in advance, no need to refill, and the maximum number of puffs can reach 8000. Since this is a disposable cigarette with a large number of puffs, a rechargeable device is provided this time to prolong the product’s service life. The 500mAh battery has been pre-charged and only needs a type-c charging cable to charge it.

kingsong m max 8000 vape uk

The 1.2ohm mesh coil first provides a relatively stable output method, and secondly, it can restore the taste of e-liquid, maximize the use of e-liquid, and bring you comfortable MTL vaping. The nicotine content is 2% and 5%, which can You can choose according to your taste preference.

Double-separated airflow can help to better adjust the way and amount of airflow entering, and customize the best inhalation method for users. In addition, the activation disposable vape is directly inhaled through the mouthpiece, which is simple and easy to operate.

Flavors such as Strawberry Watermelon & Pineapple, Mango Ice & Watermelon, and Grape & Double Apple are also worth your try, and we also hope that you will find your favourite flavour. At best vapes 2023, we also expect you to get more value-for-money e-cigarettes.

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