Will You Fall In Love With R And M Monster?

What I want to introduce to you today is an e-cigarette with a certain popularity in the market, r and m monster. I think r and m is a very individual e-cigarette in the hearts of most users who have used r and m. Each model has its own unique personality, including today’s product.

best r and m monster

It is not difficult to see from the name that the pattern presents you with various animal patterns, which must be a good choice for most fashion-conscious users. The cigarette holder adopts the same design as usual, which is very novel and convenient for you to inhale. The overall design is cylindrical, which is very convenient to carry.

Monster r and m vape provides you with 15ml of pre-filled e-liquid, you cannot refill it, but it can basically guarantee 7000 puffs of inhalation times. Compared with a small sip that needs to be discarded within a week after being used up, a large sip can last at least half a month of vaping time. In order to maintain a long service life, a type-c port is also prepared for you to charge quickly.

In addition, it also provides you with lush ice, grape ice, peach mango ice, blueberry raspberry ice and other flavours worth trying. The taste of fruit and ice is believed to bring you a pleasant and exciting vaping time.

We also present more r and m disposable cigarettes at online vape shop uk, and of course, there are various other types of products that deserve attention.

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