JUSTFOG MINIFIT-S Pod System Kit 12W-With Power Beyond Size

The Justfog Minifit-S Pod System Kit is a very small portable Pod device that consists of a battery and a mini Pod. It is made from PC and aluminum with a clean matte surface and durable size. The sleek fire button is wide at the top and then smooths down in the middle of the gadget.

Justfog vape price


• 1.9ml Vape Juice
• Bottom Filling System
• 0.8ohm Built-in Coil
• 420mAh Internal Battery
• Stable 12W Supply
• Remaining Battery Indication
• Battery Indication
• Manual & Auto Mode
• Magnetic Connection
• Smart Battery Protection

The Justfog vape Minifit-S has a built-in 420mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery has a consistent voltage output function that will remain at a constant 3.4V despite the battery charging level. With a maximum output of 12 watts, the Minifit-S device has a three-level battery indicator light that lets you know how much your battery has left when you press the button.The battery on JustFog MiniIFit-S has a number of other indicator features and a few safety features to ensure the pod doesn’t overheat, short-circuit or exceed the set voltage.

Minifit-S has a 1.9 ml capacity of e-juice tank and 0.8 ohms coil. This pod has a very safe hatch to fill e-liquids that can be easily opened and closed flush at the bottom of the pod. There are two very small inlets under the hatch that allow the electronic liquid to drain into the tank. The MINIFIT pod also has two blowhole below the mouthpieces for proper air flow.

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