How Much Nicotine Is In Aroma King Jewel Mini?

I think that some users who have been in contact with aroma king or who have learned about this product should be familiar with the product aroma king jewel. The previous aroma king jewel provided you with 8000 puffs, but today I will introduce you to a small puff disposable cigarette, jewel mini disposable.

jewel mini disposable vape cheap

Jewel mini aroma king gives you 600 puffs and is pre-filled with 2ml of liquid, which is a regular part of most small puff disposables.

Disposable vapes like this are TPD compliant, and you cannot refill e-liquid or recharge them.

There is a built-in 500mAh battery, which can basically guarantee that you will finish your last puff. The pre-filled e-liquid ratio is 50VG: 50PG, so you will get a more balanced taste, not too sweet, not too greasy, everything is just right.

You have ten flavours to choose from, such as raspberry kiwi with mixed fruit flavour, apple peach lychee, cherry blossom grape, strawberry raspberry lemonade with drink taste, cherries coke and mint with cool taste and so on. You can choose your preferred taste to try, affordable and convenient to use.

We have prepared these for you in vape online uk, and of course, there are more high-quality and cheap e-cigarettes, you can browse in detail.

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