How Many Puffs Will Lost Mary QM600 Provide?

Lost Mary has launched a new disposable cigarette, the lost mary qm600. It still continues the previous design style, small and light. The overall use is made of PCTG material that meets food-grade standards, so you will feel at ease when using it. The mouthpiece part adopts an ergonomic design, so your inhalation process will become very smooth.

QM600 lost mary disposable has been pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid, and you can inhale up to 600 puffs, which can basically maintain the smoking needs of a week. The nicotine content is 2%, so you can get a more pleasant way of smoking and fully satisfy your desire for nicotine. It is easily activated by inhalation, and the e-liquid does not require you to re-inject it, and it can be thrown away after consumption. Lighten your operational burden.

lost mary qm600 uk

QM600 also presets a 550mAh battery for you and has charged it in advance. You don’t need to recharge it again, and you can still use it when the battery runs out. The Lost Mary QM600 brings you 14 flavours that incorporate drink, fruit and ice flavours.

Blue Razz Cherry incorporates fresh cherries and sweet and sour raspberries to create a very rich taste for you. The layered fruit flavour is an endless aftertaste.

Cola is presented in front of us with a sweet taste full of carbonation. The taste of soda and sweetness are mixed together to create a very dynamic taste experience.

More flavours are waiting for you to try, and you may get different surprises. And vapes cheap online will present you with more value-for-money products, you can look forward to it.

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